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Dear Customers:

First of all,thank you for select Vollsion. To insure that you can use our products for a long time,please read carefully the following notes and keep the warranty card and receip.

1,Will not flashlight directly hit eyes,in case of injury to the eyes

2,Do not use super voltage,load cell in the specified direction,not the inverted,otherwise it will burn out circuit board,pay attention to control the flashlight temperature changes.

3,Look for the electrical appliances’ positive and negative when charging,pls not overcharge,avoid Damage to battery(the common charging 3-5 hours)

4,Non-professional staff don’t open the circuit board and remove the head seal parts of lamps ,otherwise will cause warranty failure and may damage lamps

5,High-power lamps need the battery with excellent current discharge capacity,We strongly

Recommend outstanding rechargeable NI-MH battery as power,use alkaline battery make the lamp high brightness duration dramatically reduce.

6,Pls use the high quality batteries,remove the battery from lamp when not use the flashlight for a long time,otherwise the battery would be leakage or explosion,caused the damage to lamp

7,After long time use,waterproof O ring maybe damaged,if that happens,timely replacement new one to maintain waterproof performance.To maintain O ring(O-ring seal) and thread spinner smooth,please periodically smearing vaseline oil on the surface!

8,Please avoid placing your flashlight in the sunlight or high temperature environment,after use remove the battery to the cool dry place.

9,Often clean conductive contact surface to ensure normal work,especially abnormal blinking or light!Here are some cause:

1,Replace the battery as soon as the low battery!(note the positive negative polaron)

2,Threaded or PCB conductive contact surface or other contact was smudge to lead to poor power

Cleaing conductive contact cover/point with alcohol swabs

If the above methods are invalid,please contact with Vollsion dealer in accordance with items od after-sales serve guarantee!

     Thank you again select Vollsion