Service Policy

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Dear customers:

Firstly,thank you so much select Vollsion products!To make sure get the best after-sales service,please read the items carefully,and kepp the warranty and receipt

Warranty items

1、Guaranteed for 15 days:Within 15 days from the date of sold products,under normal use,about the product quality problems,we can accept replacement or repair service!About the replacement,the one should be same model with specification ;If stop production,exchange the same brand no lower than the original performance

2、5 years warranty for free:With 5days from the date of sold products,under the normal use,about the quality problems,can enjoy free maintenance service;The guarantee period due to different product types is different,as shown in teh following form:

Product Item

Warranty Period

Flashlight,head lamp,bike light,camping lantern and so on lighting features products(including with the function of charging,but the battery and lamp head can be separated items)

5 years(rechargeable battery is 1 year)

Flashlight,head lamp,bike light,camping lantern and so on including the build-in battery,but the battery and lamp head can not be separated products

2 years including the rechargeable battery

Rechargeable batteries,chargers,line switch,and the bike clips

1 year

3、Lifetime warranty:Beyond the 5 years free warranty period,Vollsion would provide paid warranty service,the fee according the actual replacement material,no other artificial fee!

4、Consumers with the Vollsion warranty card,purchase invoice,or receipor shopping on line number contact with dealers,Vollsion would offer the service to them!

5、Vollsion advised consumers with product serial number register on Vollsion website(,so that consumers can get 6 months free warranty period,the total 5 years 6 months free warranty.

6、Our warranty terms apply only to the regular channel,it means authorized dealers.Without

Vollsion authorized third party modified items would be invalid!

This warranty does not apply to the following situation:

1、 Man-made destruction,dismantling,modified items

2、Error operation lead to damage products

3、Battery leakage lead to damage products

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Thanks again select VOLLSION!