【Review Articles】Good,but it can be better!——VOLLSION SP11-S stainless steel AAA flashlight review

   As we know, EDC tools is becoming more andmore popular these years !Much more EDC stuffs are improved to be moreportable,more powful ,more multifunctional and more individuality .And theVOLLSION SP11-S is a flashlight just like that !

Kraft packing ,including flashlight material,company contact information,productparameter around  the box!

there are SP11-S flashlight ,specification,accessories(waterproof*2,key ring*2,hook*1) inside.

SP11-S appearance is made of 304 stainless steel, knurling around the body, not only nice and   non-slip function.  The logo and item No under the flashlight body.

 The size 63.8mm,dismeter13.6mm,weight:22G excluding battery!

          VOLLSION11-S utilizes the most advanced andworld-class CREE XP-G2  LED  with  a  lifespan  of  50000  hours,make the most of thehigh photoelectric conversation efficiency,have the limited electric  energy transformed into light energy

The SP11-S   is oringe  metal  reflector , more  than 99%  light  can  reflect , trutium  tube  tail have  7  colors.One AAA battery isenough,this item battery is ordinary,make the flashlight more EDC.One point  toremind,this flashlight positive and negative is opposite to the traditional one

       Its body rotate switch,offers user-friendl out- put  selection  of  2  levels, it  delivers  max  110  lumens, the runtime 1.5 hours,mini 5 lumens,runtime 60 hours!


  The specification says waterproof IPX-8 max   110  lumens, the runtime 1.5hours, mini  5 lumens, runtime 60 hours


   The smart SP11-S  is  portable  that  convenient  for searching something   or sudden power offailure  in the evening. SP11-S can definitely come in handy in daily life!

EDC needliberate clients product quality worry that can be calledEDC products,it is not cheap toys,but deserves trust equipments